Sunday, January 13, 2013

Customs, Back in England and a Transfer

Well, we made our bus with time to spare, thank god!   Dan was so worried we were going to miss it as our flight had been delayed two hours.   We were lined up at the gate to board the plane when an announcement came on saying the flight would be delayed two hours.  The announcement had only came on once so there were people that arrived afterwards who were still lining up no knowing what was going on.   The flight wasn’t even changed on the screen till about 45 minutes after the announcement, except instead of being delayed 1.5 hours we were delayed two hours! 
When we finally boarded the plane the captain told us that some light in the panel had gone off and they needed to get a paper signed in order for the plane to fly and it took two hours hence our two hour delay.  But, it was all for safety reasons which I have nothing against – we all know how much I love flying. 
It was a short flight (only two hours)  but we were pushing it with our bus time.   We tried to get off the plane as fast as we could but we were at the back of the plane so we weren’t having much luck.  We ran as soon as we were off, our baggage was off first and we headed for customs.  Oh customs!!!  How I love being questioned.
Thank god Dan was able to go through them with me –   he is British he is supposed to go through a different line – because I would probably still be there answering questions.  “Oh so it looks like you have already been here. “  “Yes.”  “Why are you coming back?”  “My husband is British and we are spending time with his family.”  “Do you have a job back in Canada?” “No.  I have been traveling for the past two years.”  “How do you expect to support yourself?”  “My husband manages a bar full time.”  “How long do you plan on staying for and do you have a ticket to prove you are leaving?”  “No I don’t have a ticket.”  I travel through Europe without having to go through customs, or getting a stamp, yet the UK is so strict,  and I’m from a commonwealth country.  NOTE : if you are from a commonwealth country (other than the UK) it really doesn’t do much for you,  there are not many benefits…it can be frustrating.  Oh well, such is life lol.  After we gave him a (random) number of when we were leaving ( shorter than my allotted time as my visa is still not expired) we were a loud to proceed and began running for the bus.   We made it, with 20 minutes to spare J
I was quite gutted to leave  Italy.  For as long as I can remember, it was my dream for my dad to go home to Italy; and, if I was lucky enough, to go with him.  In fact when I was little (and even now)  I have said that if I won the lottery (the big one)  I would send my parents to Italy.  Now, two of my dreams have come true, but like any other dream, it has come and gone.   I remember counting down the weeks, days then hours till I met up with my parents in Greece; now, we have already been back in England just over a week.  Time flies. 
 As much as England can be extremely depressing, I kind of felt like I was going home in a way.  I mean we have been here for almost 5 months and we have almost settled and with the few friends that I have here, I was looking forward to seeing them.   On the Monday I got together with my friend Eve.   We were supposed to go out and take some pictures but the weather was gloomy – not uncommon for England – so we went to her place and had 1 bottle – well maybe a bit more than a bottle – of wine, listened to music and chatted away until we had to pick her 4 year old son up for school.  Ya, that was a bit of a laugh. "How was your day sweetie?" "It was lovely mum, though I would've rather stayed at home with you."  How cute is that, plus kids with an accent still get me lol.
Dan has been transfered.   We found out the night we got back.   There was a text on our phone Hi Dan, I'm sorry I know you are on vacation but you have been transferred as of next week.  He wasn't overly keen on the idea as he was really happy at his location.  But, instead of commuting over 2 hours a day,  he now walks less then 10 minutes up the street :).  He is less tired and closer to home which I like.  I get to pop in and have dinner with him which I couldn't do before.  Plus as I am here right now, using the fee wifi.  We currently don't have wifi right now; well, actually we never really did,  we use the one from the lady across the street - without her knowing of course - but she must be away or something because it hasn't been on for a week.  Pffft.  We would like to knock on her door and ask what's going on, but it wouldn't be a good idea.  The fact that we use it is a secret, so don't tell anyone ;).  So if you have been wondering why I haven't been online much this is why.    And no, I'm not working,  I'm not a priority remember.

I'm afraid that is it for now.  As usual nothing overly exciting here.  Hopefully soon though.  Take care.  Happy New Year.

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Friday, December 14, 2012


My boss doesn't usually do the schedule until Sunday night (last minute convenience), but I am always in Monday's at 12 so I just get my schedule when I go into work.  At the end of my shift on Thursday I said "see you Monday at 12"  and he said "I'm not sure yet I will text you Sunday," - knowing that I would be in on Monday as he has said this before only to text me saying "you're in Monday at 12."  This week however, was a different message "hi it's me.  I have old staff back from Spain and have to give her priority.  I have no shifts for you."  ???  That was it, nothing more.   This was the girl I replaced, I have been there 2 months,  covered all the shifts he needs covered and been there to take the shifts when someone quits.   I'm always willing to work,  dont ask for days off (only for my trip) and never say "I can't work" when someone else can't make it or quits and he gives me the hours.  He basically only keeps for his advantage and when it's good for him.  He gave me no shifts but the new girl (who has been there 2 weeks) got shifts this week!  I'm just wondering and correct me if I am wrong but shouldn't I be "prioritized" over the new girl?  How can he give old staff hours -  who quit, I might add - and just say to me "sorry she has priority over you?"  Makes no sense. 

Oh well; when life throws you lemons you just have to make some lemonade.  I texted him back "ok see you next year,"  and have quite enjoyed a week off packing, christmas shopping, girls days, yoga - see I got thrown a lemon and made some nice lemonade :) lol.  Besides,  I have worked for way worse people then him, he really isn't that bad,  just a little confused on where is "priorities" are.  Yes, not working really screwed my cash situation but really, what is the point of me getting all worked up and giving myself for an anxiety attack for a situation I knew wouldn't change.  No point.

Tonight I am going to my "Yoga Christmas Party."  The studio is holding a party for all us yogi's,  everything is free...yes even the I thought I would check it out (not because of the free drinks),  but for something to do as my social circle involves, Dan,  my friend Eve and heaps of movies and tv shows on my hard drive lol.  It will be nice to get out for a few hours.  Then only two days until I head to Greece to meet up with my parents.

I leave here just after midnight on Sunday.  A 3.5 hour bus journey to Gatwick, and then 4 hours till my flight and I am on my way.   You would think wiht just a few more days I would be more excited...I don't think the fact that I am seeing my parents has sunk in yet lol.

3 more days.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

An Erupting Update!!!

How lucky are you guys!  A month with nothing and now 2 posts in one week lol.  This isn't going to be a long post its just a bit of an update on something I thought you all might be interested in.

For the many of you who follow me - FB, Twitter, Blogger - and keep up with my statuses, you know that bi-weekly I have been  guest blogging for a site called I Walk 4 Love and, for the past 5 weeks I have been doing a Post Card Series - click link if you need to catch up or a first time reader. 

My most resent postcard ( last week) was about the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand and my adventure crossing it.  Well, this week it erupted.  After its first rumbles in over a century this past August it has decided to rumble again and has erupted (either Tuesday or Wednesday) while, not only hiker were making there way up and over the crossing but a group of school children as well.  Read article here.

There are some video's up on YouTube so I thought I would share one with you.

I remember passing those Active Volcanic Hazard Zone signs; we pointed at them making nervous jokes while deep down inside hoping that the volcano would stay asleep during our hike. I remember trying to imagine what would happen if it had erupted while we were there, if we would be safe, if we would have to run fast.  Lucky for me the only thing I had to worry about was the Devils Staircase.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Boring Post or Its Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I know, I know, I know.  It's been awhile since my last blog; well just a little over a month.   I have honestly been waiting for something interesting to happen, as I am sure you don't want to hear about the (still) shitty depressing weather, shit wages and being bored most of the time.   I have read back on past posts and it seems that I always had something interesting to write about, even when nothing was happening I still seemed to be able to write an interesting post.  Here it is a different story and I really don't want to bore you with...well nothing lol.  But,  I originally started writing my blogs to keep in touch with those of you back home and thats what I intend to do.  So, without further adieu - or excitment for that matter -  I give you an update.

Things haven't really changed much.  It's getting colder though some days are like a mild spring day and it makes me forget that winter is still upon us.  Dan is still working crazy hours,  he is exhausted all the time but we seem to be having more days together lately.  Our days together don't consist of much entertainment; reading, watching movies, me constantly getting him to be less messy (don't roll your eyes mum I am neat and tidy compared to him).  He goes to the gym and I go to yoga,  well actually it's Bikram Yoga.  It's 90 minutes of compressions and stretches in a room with a temperature of 40 degrees and I love it!!!  It's relaxing and has really cut down my stress.  We are trying to be good to our bodies as when we are traveling we go head first into the cultural foods and drinks which isn't usually the healthiest diet.  We are not drinking (as much - maybe once a week), but because of cutting the sugar of alcohol out of my body I have stashed away leftover halloween candy for my frequent sugar cravings...I swear the candy here is the best tasting of any I have ever had.

There are markets here every Thursday and Saturday but we stay away as it's a temptation for us - well more so me - to spend on things we really don't need.  I want to walk to the beach one day to take some pictures but Dan hates the rain - unless it's to go to Thorpe Park - so he will avoid it at all costs,  I swear he is a Warlock and will melt if he is exposed to it.  I would love to have adventure days with him like Dallas and I always did in L.A. but the weather is so uninviting that staying inside curled up under a blanket with a book or movie is the most welcoming thing on most days.

We did go out Friday night, though it was because Dan had a really stressful day at work and he really wanted some drinks, so we planned to meet at our favourite bar for 12:30 am.  Thank god we know people who work ther because he didn't rock up till about 1:30 (drunk).  He had fallen asleep on the bus and ended up in Christchurch.  It was the last bus so he had to walk all the way back - about half an hour - and then decided he wanted to change so he went home and then came to the bar.  I just put my arms around him,  I wanted to cry after what he had been through but Dan being Dan just brushed it off like it was nothing.   I have no idea what time it was when we left but we had bumped into his mate Luke at the bar and decided to go back to his place for a beer.   Next thing I know it's past 5am.  "Wow!"  I said "I am way too old for these late nights."  Dan had fallen asleep on the couch and he is difficult to wake up especially when he is drunk.  Luke and I couldn't wake him up,  he kept swatting at us and curling up into a little ball.  "You can sleep on the couch" Luke offered.  My couch days are (mostly) over so I really wanted my bed and was determined to wake him up but to no avail nothing was working.  "Wait!"  Luke says running to the kitchen quickley and returning with a small bottle of really really really hot, hot sauce.  A little dab on the lips and whammy!  Dan is upright on the couch, eyes bulging out of his head.  He so wasn't happy.  He refused to talk to me on the way home he was so angry.  He kept moaning and licking his lips.  I kept trying to console him but being drunk myself I kept making weird noises in my throat as I attempted to supress my laughter.  The last thing I wanted was to laugh at him as he was so mad at me but it was so funny. He could barely walk a straight line, he was groaning, licking his lips and muttering "oh ya baby so fucken funny" and then would stop to vomit.  He would continue on walking saying more obsenities at me, licking his lips, vomitting,  I would giggle (hysterically) and say ``baby I am so sorry``  ``oh ya I am sure you are.  I bet this is funny to you.`` licking his lips and then stopping to vomit again ``no baby it`s not funny``  I would say as the corner of my lips curled and giggles were escaping.  I tried putting my arm around him but we would push me away and breath out harshly through his nose as it was now begining to leak.  Unfortunately he remembered the hot sauce the 2nd way the next day...oops!!! 

I can definitely feel Christmas in the air which is a refreshing feeling.  Last year being in Darwin the Christmas feel was pretty much moot.  I have spent Chrstimas in warm climates but there were no lights strung up in places, or christmas trees int he windows, no wreaths or holly hanging from lamp posts down the didn`t feel like the Christmas Season.  Here it`s the opposite.  In Bournemouth Square there is a German Market whrere portable huts (selling what they sell) are painted in dark burgundy,  laden with ivy and strugn with Christmas lights are erected in a strategical manner. Along the centre of the shopping square.  A small portable pub of the same colour has also been erected all done up with the ivy and lights is off to the side.  There is a wire going across from one lamp post to the other where a mechanical Santa Clause rides a unicycle with presents dangling from it - when I first saw it from a distance I thought it was real.  Even in this cold weather, this outside market has the warmest coziest feeling to it...a Christmas feeling, which has made me a little homesick and missing being at home for the holidays.  It saddens me and then, I quickly remember that in less then a month I will be meeting up with my parents in Greece and then we will be spending our Christmas in Italy!  I am so excited!  It won`t be an orphans Christmas this year - though last year was great!  But  I can`t wait!  It will be almost 2 years since I have seen them,  the longest I have ever been away from them.  I am counting down the days.

We have figured out my visa so we can extend our stay.  I am applying for a marriage visa - as our wasn`t a legally recognized ceremony - which will give us another six months and of course our marriage registered .  It has taken us over a month to get the information we needed.   Everytime we called the UK Home Office, the office always seemd to be empty as an answering service always picked up directing us to an email.   I tried emailing before we even called and the reply`s would be...please send your questions to this email.  Then that email would say this is the wrong department please send your email to this email address.  It was hopeless.  We had a couple of simple questions that we needed answered and we couldn`t seem to get them answered.  I finally came across this website for immigration lawyers who emailed back within a half hour.  Dan called them today and within 5 minutes our questions had been answered saving us money and a trip to the UK Home Office in London!  This marriage visa is really good news for us and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders.  We can actually relax a little more and not stress about leaving by the end of February :)

Well,  that is all for now,  I hope you weren`t too bored, I always do try my best to make these as interesting as possible.  Until next time, hopefully sooner then later.

eM x

                                                                                   27 DAYS!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Need for Speed!

Last Friday we went to Thorpe Park (it's a theme Park).  Dan and Naomi (his sister) had two free tickets each; so, the 3 of us and Naomi's friend Eve hopped in the car at 830 am, and made the 1.5 hour drive to a day full of rollercoasters.

I hadn't been to a theme park in years so I was a little nervous about getting on rollercoasters.  The first one we went on was a backwards one that is in the dark.  It was alright; it really wasn't that fun, it was more of just a warm-up ride.  The only reason I laughed at all on the ride was because Nemz (Naomi)- who has the loudest laugh which is almost like a cackle and one can't help but laugh when  they here here - laughed through the entire thing which made it worth the ride.

After that we headed towards the SAW Rollercoaster. I was hesitant to go as once you get inside the buildings they (usually) have live actors, and as much as I love horror movies I hate being in them myself and refuse to go into haunted theme parks and mazes where I will be in the dark with crazy things jumping out around any corner and touching me which just results in me being so terrified I scream and shit myself the whole time;  it's really not fun.  Lucky for me they had to stop the live actors because they were scaring people so bad that they were getting punched in the face - kind of funny - so it was actor free.   The ride consists of a little 8 person car - 4 in the front and 4 in the back. It really didn't look that scary except for the first hill it climbs which is at a 90 degree angle straight up, but of course due to there being no live actors I couldn't wimp out.  We get in the car and off we go.  The first bit is inside which was unexpected and it goes quite fast and the drops are pretty much at a 90 degree angle which was fun.  Then we get outside go around a little bend and stop at the bottom of the 90 degree incline.  My heart starts racing.  I have had nightmares where I am in a car and a road that is narrow like a rollercoaster track and windy with hills and drops and sometimes the roads aren't connected, so this hill really didn't look inviting to me.   There are two t.v. screens at the bottom of the incline  where the stuffed clown from the movie appears and starts talking and then cackles the evil little cackle he does - not the happy cackle like Nemz.  The car clicks and moves forward and shifts into a complete vertical position.  "Oh my god guys my vertigo is kicking in.  I'm not liking this..."  Breathe in, breathe out.  "It's ok I can do this I have jumped out of a plane."  It gets to the top tilts forward for one second and then off we go,  straight down under two blades and then quickley into an upside down loop.  Wow!!! This is so much fun!!!  It was so fast, and everytime you get to the top of hill where usually you get a second to breathe it would just drop again into another hill or loop!!!  It was awesome!!!  "Ummm ya just to let you guys know,  my vertigo really wasn't kicking in,  I was just really scared!"

I was completely warmed up and my adrenaline was going and ready to go on more, but we stopped to eat lunch before enjoying the rest of the rides. 

Thorpe Park was different then what I expected.  It's acutally quite small.  I guess I am just used to the size of Canada's Wonderland,  this was maybe not even a quarter of the size but it was definately jam packed with quite a few rides.  Lucky for us it wasn't raining,  the sun came out and made it a nice day for hoodies which was a miracle (it always rains here).  Though there were still people going on the water rides and getting soaked...crazy!!!  The line ups weren't too long...maybe an hour tops but I don't think we even waited that long.  We went on another rollercoaster after lunch which was alright I can't remember the name of it and then everyone wanted to go to stealth.  "Which one is Stealth"  "It's that one there" said Nemz pointing to a track that could be seen from every angle of the park.  "You have to be fucking kidding me!!"  I had vertigo just looking at it.  The height of it was the only thing that bothered me.  Me and heights really don't get along and I really do have vertigo.  The rollercoaster lasts 10 seconds; in 2.3 seconds it goes from 0/mph - 80/mph and shoots up the incline which has an altitude of 203 feet. I was shaking just looking at it.   "Can't I just wait for you guys?  I really don't mind"  "Come on baby.  I want you on it with me, besides look at all the kids lining up,  you can't wimp out if they are going on it."  I spent the whole time in line watching it over and over again, shaking more and more everytime it went around. 

Video of Stealth at Thorpe Park

I was shaking so bad by the time it was our turn to get on the rollercoaster.  I tried calming myself down by reminding myself I had jumped out of a plane but it really wasn't having the calming affect I was going for.  We pull down the shoulder bars and I grab on to it, knuckles turning white.  My vertigo was really kicking in this time, the thought of that 205 ft hill was not really sitting well with me.  "Baby, I really mean it this time, my vertigo,  I'm really starting to panic."  "It's okay baby."  He says with a big smile and putting his hand on my knee.  "Seriously baby I am freaking out." Breathe in, breath out." "It's gonna be great"  he says.  The car inches forward and stops just underneath the traffic lights.  While in line I had counted how long they are red for before they go green,  7 seconds.  I really didn't want the 7 seconds to end.  GREEN.  We fly forward so fucking fast that all you can do is scream. Within one second my scream go stuck in my throat because the G-Force hits your stomach that I felt like I couldn't breathe.  We fly up the 90 degree incline - not as fast but still - really fucking fast when you get to the peak of the hill you actually lift off your seat about an inch - thank god for the shoulder bars.  My body is in such shock that I still have my mouth open but there is nothing coming out.   The car then dips down to a 90 degree drop and rushes forward twisting a little bit to one side,  the ground coming so fast towards me.  It's all over within 10 seconds.   Dan looks my way and says "you okay baby" only for me to answer with my eyes bulging out of my head and my mouth still open.

A video of Stealth from the front seat.  You definitely wont feel the speed or the G-Force but you will get a bit of an idea of what it's like.
I was shaking more after the ride then I was before I got on it.  I could barely get off of it,  my legs were like rubber and wobbling at the knees.  I was completely in shock!!!  I was speechless!!!  I couldn't even answer them when they asked me how I liked it, but the first thing out of my mouth was "Do you guys want to go on it again?  That, was fucking awesome!!!"

The next rollercoaster and last one we needed to ride (as we rode all the rest) was The Swarm.  It was 3pm and had about a 70 minute wait meaning if we were lucky we could get one more in after it before the park closed at 5pm.  Just before we entered the gates to line up a young guy in a Thorpe Park uniform and badge said "if you want to pay 5 quid each you can skip the line and wait only 5 - 10 minutes."  We paid the man and walked in the backway and got on right away  - no wait!!! Definintely worht the 5 quid each.  Swarm is quite a different rollercoaster. It sits on the track but the seats hang over it so when you look at it from a distance it looks like a bat.   The shoulder bars are comfortable but have no little handles to hold onto so you have no idea where to put your hands,  and it flips upside at the top of the hill before you go into your first drop.  It was really cool,  the building where you wait in line is made to look like an old rundown ruin of a building and the rollercoaster flies through a crashed plane and wreckage site.

We were on and off within 5 mintues, meaning, we had two hours to hit 2 rides again.  First Stealth, and then SAW to finish off the day.  The line for Stealth this time was only 10 minutes, lucky us.  This time I was ready for it and because I knew what to expect I knew I would enjoy it a little more.  Off we go, once again screaming.  It's literally like you don't have a choice to scream, it's almost an automatic reaction. This time though, instead of my scream getting stuck I stopped myself becuase the G-Force hit my stomach so strong that I had to supress it to control the funny feeling in my stomach.   Up the 90 degree incline of 205 feet I actually felt it slow down this time at the top, though enjoying the one inch lift of my seat more and welcomed the 90 degree drop with an open heart lol.  So much better the second time.  Dan even decided to listen to the instructions this time and keep his hands inside, the last time he left them up and the G-Force was so strong he actually hurt his arms. 

"Look at Dan's quiff!"  Nemz said pointing to Dan's head.  A question mark went off in my head and I turned to looked at Dan's tussled hair and started to giggle, not because of the quiff his hair was now styled in but my misconception of the word.  If we rewind a little bit I will explain why.  At the exit of the ride there is a sign that says quiff and a guy with a quiff in his hair.  Well of course - me being slower than others and a bit of a dirty mind - I wasn't thinking quiff,  I read it as quife...please don't make me explain what it is...and was a little appauled to see it on the wall of a theme park and even said to Nemz.  "That's a little odd isn't it."  Well she had no idea what I was thinking and when I explained what it meant after the fact of Dan's quiff she burst out laughing....she had never even heard of a quife...and I was laughing because I can be so innocently silly sometimes.  That's what makes me who I am though :)

The last ride we were hitting was SAW.  As we waited in line, it rained for the first time.  Not a lot, but still, it rained.  The ride even shut down for 20 minutes and then had to do some test runs, but we made it on by 5pm.  This time, we got to sit in the front row of the car.   Soo much better.  The first drop in the dark, has a huge blade hanging over it which I didnt see from the back row.  When you drop it actually feels like you are going to get cut by it and I actually ducked my head.   The 90 degree incline that I was not a fan of last time was now fun and exciting - especially after riding Stealth.  Stealth was like my skydive of the day.  Once I conquered that nothing else seemed scary.

We had so much fun.  It was so nice to get out and have some good old fashioned fun for a day and not worry about anything.  Though when I wanted a Starbucks and Dan said it was to expensive after he had eaten three meals and I had one, turned into a bit of an argument, but other than that it was a good day - resulting in no Starbucks and Dan holding off on another meal until we got home.  

Things here are good.  Dan works heaps so we really don't see eachother much.  He has been getting home close to 2am and I am usually sleeping by then.   I only have 2 shifts a week at the cafe, which sucks but at least I get out of the house a couple times a week.  Plus I just started taking (Hot) Bikram Yoga which has been awesome.  I feel so good and am detoxing so no drinking for thirty days. Nemz's friend Even (the one who came to Thrope Park)  has signed up and comes to yoga with me a couple times of week, it's nice to have a buddy to do things with. 

I came down with a cold this week but I went to Yoga and it cleared me right up, though I did have a woman yell at me yesterday in the change room because I was sick.  She said I shouldn't be in public, I should be at home in bed.  I told her if she was that worried she should just drink some bleach to flush it all out.  Haha...I'm just kidding...I SHOULD have said that to her though.  Anyways,  I'm all better now,  the yoga seriously helped me get rid of it.  Especially it being hot yoga I just sweated everything out of my system within a couple days.  

The weather sucks, it's just getting colder and more and more Dan and I just miss Australia.  We are so missing the heat.  My beautiful golden skin that I had for the past year and a half has now turned back to a Canadian Winter (Paisty) White.  Only a few more months.

*both videos are from and are not credited to me*

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Travel Tip for the Changing Temperature

With the temperature dropping, our once "tropic" blood is now feeling the chill of the cold.  The days are sunny with blue sky's and a cool chill, that after winter would be an inviting spring day but is now a reminder that winter is just around the corner.  Though some days are warmer than others, some are filled with black clouds and never ending rain (as that what it does in England) teases us by conintually stopping and starting.  Rain or shine, no matter what the days are like the nights are cold.  By 5:30pm, when all the shops are closing their doors at the end of yet another business day, the temperature drops about 10 degrees.  You can smell the crispy, fresh, briskness of a new winter.

It is such a familiar smell; it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside and I almost feel like I am back home for the seconds that the crispy air first hits my nostril's.  I think of the thigh-high snow in the driveway after a big snowfall and how stunningly beautiful everything looks with a fresh blanket of prestine snow covering it.  I stand there sniffing the air like a dog sniffing the air for food.  This revery only last for about 3 seconds and then I realize how much I miss the heat and I am no longer a fan of the colder temperatures. 

We have had to go shoppping as board shorts, sun dresses, flip flops, tank tops and summer pants wont suffice in this weather.  We reallly tried to pull it off as long as possible but wearing a scarf and flip flops really just doesn't make any sense.  My feet are not a big fan of being covered; they have had the freedom of heat, sunshine and flip flops that they have blistered and swelled from being confined to shoes and boots. 

When we were in Darwin,  I actually missed this time of year.  Curling up on the couch with a good movie,  drinking tea/hot chocolate/coffee, under a blanket and being all cozy; where it's cool enough outside to wear a nice light jacket or your favourite hoodie.  It's the time of year where it's not too hot but not too cold.  Well...being in the tropics for as long as I have has completely thinned my blood and my tolerance for cold  and my new hoodie and jacket have lost the novelty, I WANT THE HEAT!!!

 Dan's farts while he sleeps don't even give off enough heat lol.

TRAVEL TIP   - A Change in Climate is a Great Excuse to Go Shopping (Even When On A Budget)
There is a silver lining to all of this though.  I have had an excuse to go shopping!!!  "You went shopping again."  "Yes baby but I got 7 pairs of socks for 2 pound."  "What else is in the bag?"  "A new hoodie,  I only had one and I want to be able to switch it up." "And that?"  "That would be a winter vest.  I only have your sisters denim jacket and it really doesn't do much in this weather."  ..... "Didn't you just go shopping yesterday?"  "Yes, but I really needed a scarf and matching hat."  "Really?  Was it that necessary?"  " Of course baby.  I am Canadian and scarves and hats are a must have in the winter season."  I never get an argument; he knows he won't win.  Though don't think it only works one way, he goes shopping too.  "High-tops baby? Really?  You already have to pairs of trainers."  "Yes but I really want a pair of high-tops"  "Is there any particular reason?" "Yes.  Because I want a pair."  At least I have better reasoning.  He won't let me buy a new purse but he has more shoes and clothes than I do!!! 

Of course we are on a budget and watching what we spend as we are leaving again very soon.  There is always stuff we want - like high-tops and a new purse - but there is also stuff that I want and actually need. 

We all know that when traveling out of a backpack that our wardrobe is very limited and outfits are repeated quite frequently.  Sometimes a few new things to replace some other things you might not wear anymore is always a nice feeling.  Especially in a case like ours.  We came from the tropics, we had aboslutely no winter clothes, we really didn't have a choice.  We do however, shop at the cheaper places to help keep money in our wallets.

What do you do when you head back to the tropics and you have winter clothes?
Well you can:
1.  You can leave behind what you don't want
2.  Give what you don't want to friends
3.  If you can afford to, send a package home.  This way you are not getting rid of precious purchases and, it's a great way to have some "new clothes" when you get home.

Shopping while on a budget can be easy and not debtremental to your budget, just remember to buy more of what you need rather than what you like.  New clothes are a great way to feel fresh and revived, especially when wearing the same things out of a backpack for many conesecutive months.  However, keep in mind that just because you feel good in new clothes it doesn't mean a change in the climate doesn't does the same. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Fairy Tale...

Many of you have been following/reading my blogs since my very first Vegas post; the begining of this crazy journey I like to call My Beautiful.  You were then with me through my amazing and emotional 5 months in California where I grew, learned how to stand on my own two feet,  made some incredible friends, fell in love and of course had to say goodbye to the one I fell in love with.  After a 7 month hiatus to go home and work, my journey continued to the Paradise of Fiji for a 7 day vacation, continuing on to New Zealand where I road tripped in a camper for 12 days with 2 english guys,  hiked volcanoes and glaciers,  went caving, white water rafting and ate the most incredible hamburger in Queenstown known as the Ferg Burger!  After an amazing 28 days in the beautiful land of the Kiwi`s you then got whisked away to The Land of Oz Aka Down Under or just plain old Australia.  In my one year, I snorkeled and lived in the Whitsundays,  worked in the middle of nowhere, had long over night bus rides, jumped out of a plane,  rekindled friendships,  had my heartbroken,  learned how to speak Australian,  hiked through Kings Canyon,  enjoyed sunset and sunsrise at Ayers Rock, went sandboarding,  pet a wild kangaroo, ate kangaroo,  went croc hunting, made some incredible friendships and, I fell in-love.

At first, I didn't even know that love was going to be the path I chose.  In fact I was completely against a relationship; but sometimes, things just happen...

It was the begining of my second week on the Island when I laid eyes on you for the first time (well second actually, but I had only seen you once before that and then not again till a week later).  We were both sitting outside of the staff bar having a beer and a smoke.  We were sitting at the same table, though you were talking with Matty and I was sitting and talking  with Jarrett. 

I kept glancing at you out of the corner of my eye and waiting for a moment where I could welcome myself into your conversation.  You didn't even seem to know I existed or really even cared for that matter, yet I couldn't stop staring at you.  Your short blonde hair with a fo-hawk down the middle, blue eyes,  crooked teeth and a tribal tattoo on your right shoulder just held my stare.  You had this sexy British accent but everything that came out of your mouth seemed arrogant, pompous and completely self-centered;  I had to know who you were!!!  I don't know what it was but there was something that kept telling me I had to know you,  even the first time I glanced you from afar, I really wanted to know who you were.

I finally found an opening in your conversation with Matty - well I more so butted my way in - and welcomed myself.  You did not look impressed!  You actually looked completely digusted, your face said "who the fuck is this girl and why does she think she can speak to me."  I didn't care, I had to know who you were.

From that moment on we literally became inseperable, pretty much moving in with eachother two days later.  When my contract for work was up you resigned and came with me because you didn't want it to end yet.  I was overwhelmed and scared.  I was still dealing with my "Ryan heartache" but you said you would give me time and take things slow just as long as you could be with me.

We took a job, in hell, with the devil himself and managed to stay strong and fight through the hard times.  The horrible days and sad nights were the times I began to realize I was falling for you.  My heart ached to tell you but I was so scared to go down that road again.  I asked you questions like "have you ever been in love before?" "Have you ever told a girl you have been in love with them?"  hoping you would clue in to what I was trying to get across but there was no such luck.  I didn't want to be the first one to bring it up so I kind of pushed it aside, hoping, that one day the right moment would come along; and it did...

A month after we left the devil, we had set up a life in a great small city.  We had awesome jobs, amazing friends and eachother.  It was New Years Eve- well actually it was New Years Day about 9am-we were having drinks at the club after work and I just looked at you and said "you know I love you right?" and you said "yah.  I love you too."

Four months later we were married!!!

Today is our 1 year anniversary!  We met a year ago today and have been insperable ever since.  I can't believe one year has gone by so quickly.  I also can't believe you are still around :)  You are the first guy I have ever gotten to celebrate one year with and I am so excited! 

You are my bestfriend, my life, my everything, my love, my heart, my past and my future.  There is no one else in the world I would want to spend and share every moment of the rest of my life with.  Being your wife is one of the greatest things I have ever felt and there are no words to describe how much I love you as I fall more and more in love with you everyday.

 Thank you for putting up with my crap and standing by myside, for never walking away when I wanted to give up and loving me with everything that you have.  This past year has been amazing and I can't wait to see what our future years are holding for us. 

One year down and many more to go.

Your loving wife forever and always
I'm glad I dont have to sleep alone anymore x

                             (thanks for marrying me lol)